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Reward Packages

Reward Packages

We all go to work for our reward package.

Employees expect their rewards to match their own view of their value to your business. If your employees feel their rewards don’t match their contribution they will not be motivated. Worse still they might take it back in other ways (sick absence, for example) or leave taking all the knowledge and training you have given them to a competitor.

Getting the right reward package for all employees is crucial. Employees are the competitive edge of your business. Keeping them focussed on the achieving your business objectives is essential. You can’t recruit employees unless the reward package you offer matches their expectations.

At Greystones HR Consulting, we know all about reward. You can rely on us to tell you the market pay rate and typical benefits package for all your jobs.

  • In your location(s)
  • In your type of business
  • In your size of organisation

But that’s not all.. You need to get value for money from your salary budget. We can advise you on the typical benefits packages for different levels of jobs

Obviously, your reward structures must not be discriminatory, by sex, race, disability and age. We can help you to make sure that you do not discriminate - our managing director is an ACAS appointed Independent Expert to Employment Tribunals on Equal Pay.

Setting reward packages may seem easy in the beginning, but as you recruit more employees and organisational complexity increases, getting it right becomes more difficult. We have been helping businesses to get set the right reward packages for many years.

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