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Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation is the way of deciding the relative importance (or pecking order) of each job within an organisation. It is essential for developing an objective reward structure.

At its simplest, job evaluation is a list of all the jobs in an organisation, ranked from the most junior to the most senior. But like all things, this is not as simple as it sounds:

  • Who is deciding the levels?
  • How are they deciding the differences between the jobs?
  • Do they know the content of all the jobs?
  • Are they evaluating the job or the person on the job?
  • How are they avoiding putting any bias into the decisions?

And that’s just for a start.

Job evaluation, done properly, involves a careful consideration of well prepared job descriptions against a set of criteria that cover all aspects of a job. This is called a “Points Factor” system and is regarded as the most objective method for evaluating jobs. It should produce the best results.

Like all specialist techniques, Job Evaluation needs experienced support from someone who has done it before, who knows the problems and how to get the best results. Without this advice, the organisation could develop a pay structure which not only fails to support it to achieve its strategic objectives, but also could create a biased and discriminatory reward structure.

At Greystones HR Consulting we have Job Evaluation Experts who have been implementing job evaluation for many years. We also have our own Points Factor Job Evaluation scheme which has been prepared by an Equal Pay Expert and checked for any bias.

If you need a new pay structure, you need job evaluation. Greystones Consulting has the experience to help you to carry out a job evaluation exercise in your business and introduce a new pay structure to suit your needs.

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